Monday, September 08, 2003


How do you spell relief? It's sure not R-E-D S-O-X B-U-L-L-P-E-N.

Tonight was one of the ugliest performances yet. The Sox entered the bottom of the 7th with an 8-5 lead and the bullpen proceeds to give up EIGHT runs in two innings: two by Timlin, one each by Embree and Williamson and four unearned runs by Kim. So, the Sox lose, fall 3 and 1/2 back of the Yankees and are only one ahead of the idle Mariners.

Star Trek turns 37!

Today is the 37th anniversary of Star Trek's premiere on NBC in 1966. Do you think that if you took a time machine back and told Gene Roddenberry that a version of Star Trek would be on the air in 2003, he would have you locked up?

School Days

Both kids are now back in school as R. returned to pre-school this morning. She was very excited about going back to see all her friends and told me all about her first day. J's first days of kindergarten seem to have gone well, also. The bus ride seems to be OK, and he appears to be hitting it off with his classmates. There is one kid who seems to be spending a lot of time in "time-out", but it's nothing directly to do with J.


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