Thursday, August 12, 2004

You've got to love Red Sox fans. They're such a cynical bunch. In today's game against Tampa Bay (which the Sox won 6-0 behind a complete game shutout by Pedro), two runners got thrown out at the plate in the 5th inning by the Woonsocket Rocket, Rocco Baldelli. So in the 6th, third base coach Dale Sveum holds Johnny Damon at third on a single. And what happens? The crowd cheers Sveum for actually stopping the runner! It was one of those classic, "only in Boston" moments.

Off to Vermont for a much needed vacation tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I needed my summer vacation this much. The stress of the merger at work and all the changes have taken a bit of a toll on me. I'm looking forward to hanging out at the lake, seeing some cows, drinking some Long Trail Ale and eating some Ben & Jerry's over the next few days.

Of course, it's our last family trip to the house there. The sale will be finalized in September, and we'll be spending some time cleaning out the house. I'm going back up a few days before the close to meet a charitable thrift shop that will be taking the bulk of the furniture, and then that's it.

I got the battery in my iPod replaced. After almost two years of constant use, it wasn't holding a charge for much more than 2-3 hours. Apple didn't make the iPod's battery easily user replaceable, and I'm not much good at these types of things, so I took advantage of MacResQ's iPod battery replacement service. It worked like a charm. They overnight you a box that holds the iPod snugly. You put the iPod in the box and overnight it back to them. They pop it open, change the battery and send it back. It worked like a charm. I got the box last Friday, mailed it out Monday and had the iPod back on Wednesday. It seems to work just fine. I'd highly recommend the service.


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