Thursday, September 22, 2005

They're ruining my fall!

The Sox lost a hideous game to the D-Rays last night, as Mike Timlin came in with men on base again and promptly imploded. While Timlin has been the rock of the Sox bullpen this year in every other respect, he's allowed a whopping 56% of inherited runners to score. So why bring him in with men on base after Wakefield faltered with two outs in the 8th? Only Terry Francona can say for sure.

So, the Sox are out of first place with 10 games to play. The Yankees have been red hot (they're ahead 7-1 in the 7th over the Orioles now), so they'll probably be a game up by the end of the night. And Cleveland is beating the Royals 5-1, so the Sox will likely be a game and a half down in the wild card race. They have to get hot in the next 10 days, or it's not going to be much of an October around here.


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