Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One thing that really pisses me off is when a large company doesn't treat it's people well, especially when it is laying them off. Today it was reported in several places that Radio Shack notified 400 employees that they no longer had jobs via email. I was so disgusted, I wrote the following email to Radio Shack's public relations department:

I have been a Radio Shack customer for many years. However, I am ending that relationship due to the actions of your company in notifying it's employees of their layoffs by email.

As a manager of a department in a large company myself, terminating employees is the most difficult duty I have. However, I have always believed that I owed it to the people working for me that I tell them face to face that they no longer had a job with the company.

Informing people of a layoff by email is both gutless and disrespectful. Many of these employees no doubt put in years of good and loyal service to Radio Shack, and they deserved better than to get a faceless electronic notification that their services were no longer needed.

Sign me a disgusted former customer,

I still have to blog about the whole vintage base ball thing. It'll come this weekend, I promise!


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