Friday, November 24, 2006

J. and I went to the Celtics game tonight. R. came down with a cold, so A. stayed home with her. I had gotten a pretty good deal on one of the Celtics "family plans" which include Loge seats, plus a free hot dog and soda for $45.

Unfortunately, it was not money well spent. The Celtics got clobbered by the Knicks, 101-77. The game was pretty close in the first half, but New York pulled away in the 2nd half. Paul Pierce only had 12 points (as compared to his 27.9 average). The Celtics just aren't good enough to overcome a poor performance by Pierce yet.

I was talking with a guy sitting near us who was also at the game with his young son. His son was saying that the Celtics had a bad night. I pointed out that neither of our kids remember when the C's had more good nights than bad nights.


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