Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A few follow up thoughts on Opening Day and other things...

The most exciting play of the day yesterday was Manny's "Little League homer" (triple and an error). He hit it to the triangle, the deepest part of the ballpark. See what happens when you run instead of watching the ball, Manny?

I saw a TSA guy (one of those airport screeners) on the Logan Airport Silver Line bus today. I had a sudden urge to take off my shoes.

Neil Diamond filmed a new version of "Sweet Caroline" that was played during the 8th inning yesterday. There was some cranky guy complaining about the playing of the song at Fenway in a letter to the Globe, but not me. I think it's a lot of fun. Some folks really need to lighten up. It's a baseball game. It's OK to have fun.

The Sox are undefeated in the U.S. going into game 2 of the Detroit series.

Eric Gagne blew another save last night against the Reds, but was bailed out again by the Brewers, who won the game in extra innings. The early returns are that his stint with the Sox wasn't a fluke.

Bismo's comment on yesterday's post reminded me of this: Dwight Evans is still the best all-around player to wear number 24 in Red Sox history.

I'm hoping the Tigers don't get hot until at least Friday.


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