Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Banner raisings, bad weather and other things...
  • Nice banner raising ceremony at the Garden last night for the Celtics 17th NBA title. Paul Pierce got very emotional (actually in tears when he got his ring), and rightly so. The Truth lived through a lot of the bad times here, and deserves to enjoy the championship.
  • A bunch of Celtics legends participated in the ceremony including John Havlicek (who carried the trophy), Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn, JoJo White, Satch Sanders and M.L. Carr. Which one of these things is not like the others? Sorry, but M.L. doesn't really qualify as a Celtics legend, unless it's for his legendary towel waving skills.
  • Why is it that Bud Selig keeps presiding over these debacles? From the 1994 strike and cancellation of the post-season, to the Steroid Era to the All-Star tie in Milwaukee, stuff just seems to keep happening to Bud. Game 5 of the World Series was just the latest example. The field was becoming unplayable by the 5th inning and was a swamp by the time the Rays tied the game in the top of the 6th. Was Bud Selig waiting for the Rays to tie before calling the game so he could legitimately suspend it under the rules? We'll probably never know. It certainly looks suspicious, though.
  • Halloween is coming. It's always a tremendous amount of fun on my street. We live on a cul-de-sac and the houses are pretty close together, so we get kids coming from all over town to trick-or-treat. One of the houses down the street has a haunted house in their back yard that gets more elaborate every year. We get somewhere around 150 kids coming by each year, and it's just like a big party on my street. Can't wait for Friday!


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