Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to baseball! A few things now that I'm caught up and I watch the A.L. try to secure home field advantage for the Red Sox in the World Series.
  • Good for President Obama for wearing his White Sox jacket when he threw out the first pitch in St. Louis tonight. I have heard presidents say that they can't have a favorite because they're "the president of the whole country" or some crap like that. I like a president who stands by his team.
  • Semi-interesting facts from Baseball-Reference.com. The Yankees are 2,251 games over .500 in their history. The only other team more than 1,000 games over are the Giants (1,452). The only team more than 1,000 games under .500 is the Phillies (1,143). I was a bit surprised that the Cubs have a winning record.
  • The Yankees are 5-15 against division leaders (Boston, Detroit, Angels and Phillies), 46-22 against everyone else. This tells me that they can beat up on the mediocre teams with their talent, but might have a tough time in the playoffs.
  • Isn't it great that a Big Papi home run is no longer something you're praying for, but once again something you expect to see on a fairly regular basis?


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