Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Pedro and Lowe looked good in the two starts the last couple of days. I hope the trend continues into the post-season and we see the 20-game winners of 2002 for the rest of the year.

The Sox had a great road trip, going 7-2. It could have easily been 8-1 if the bullpen had held up in the first game of the Orioles series. Still, I'll take 7-2 on a swing through Philly, Chicago, New York and Baltimore.

Who is your AL MVP this year? There's no really obvious candidate at this point. It would be A-Rod if he didn't play for such a crummy team. No one else seems to be having a big no-brainer MVP season this year. You could point to Magglio Ordonez or Frank Thomas with the White Sox, Edgar Martinez of Seattle, Miguel Tejada with the A's and Nomar. The Yankees candidate would probably be Soriano. Jeter was hurt alot and and Giambi was terribly inconsistent, so I wouldn't pick either of them.

Of course, Bill Mueller is a legitimate candidate, too, although I don't think he's enough of a big name to garner enough votes.

NL MVP is a no-brainer though. Who else can you pick besides Albert Pujols?


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