Monday, May 31, 2004

This will be a quick post, since it's late. I'm planning to write about the rest of the Cooperstown trip on Wednesday morning on the train. However, I wanted to talk a little about today's Red Sox game.

I took J. to the game with me today. It was his first game at Fenway Park, so it was a big deal for both of us. A couple of notable things happened. First, J. scored some of the game in the program. He seemed fascinated by the idea and after I did the first few innings he took over for a bit. I basically told him what to write down, but he was really into the whole concept and kept it up for about and inning and a half. Second, despite the fact that the Sox got their butts kicked by the Orioles 13-4, J. insisted on staying until the bitter end of the 3 hour 31 minute affair. It reminded me of a Patriots Day game that I went to with my father and brother when the Red Sox got beat by the Brewers by something like 12-0 and we watched the whole thing. History repeats itself, I guess...

Oh, and do you think Derek Lowe is regretting not taking that 3 year, $27 million offer from the Sox yet?


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