Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So, who thought having the Democratic National Convention in Boston was a good idea, anyway?

The inconvenience for those of us who actually have to work and live in metropolitan Boston is unbelievable. Interstate 93 (also known as the $14 billion Big Dig) is going to be shut down for several hours a day. North Station, a commuter rail terminus which serves over 25,000 commuters a day, is going to be shut down, and passengers will be bussed into Boston from outlying stations. Today it was announced that people who carry bags on the MBTA will be subject to search.

It’s incredible. Didn’t anyone in Mayor Menino’s administration think through the security issues and their effect on the city? Didn’t anyone realize that people still have to get to work, regardless of what’s going on at the FleetCenter? Didn’t anyone think about the fact that the Big Dig is still being finished and that the area around the FleetCenter still looks like a big construction project?

Menino screwed this one up royally. He was so intent on having a big party for all his Democratic cronies that he didn’t think through the effects on the taxpayers. He wanted to show off the city, but all the delegates and the TV cameras are going to see are construction zones and empty streets. Anyone who possibly can is going to avoid the city that week. Tourists won’t be coming and residents won’t be heading into the city for dining or other recreational activities.

If this thing is a disaster, it could cost Mayor Mumbles his job. And it will serve him right.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the bag search thing, seeing as this is being "celebrated" as some kind of security landmark. Hey, maybe you should just bring a suitcase to work before this goes off and leave it there for the week!?

I'm glad I don't have to work IN Boston... as it is, where I'm all over the place North and South I'm going to need to plan carefully. Gah.


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