Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I was walking down Newbury St. in Boston today when I saw Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a Clone Trooper, a TIE Fighter pilot and a Tusken Raider were walking down the street. Not the sort of thing you see on Newbury St. every day. It was somehow connected to the release today of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD, but it wasn't apparent if they were connected to one of the local stores (Virgin Megastore and Newbury Comics were both nearby) or if they were just fans in costume. In any event, it was pretty cool. Vader even had the heavy breathing sound effect going, and people kept shouting out "May the Force be with you!"

The Sox and Orioles went at it again today in a very exciting game. Curt Schilling and Rodrigo Lopez hooked up in a scoreless duel, until the Sox scored a run in the last of the 8th. Foulke came in and went to 3-2 on Javy Lopez with 2 out and a man on when Lopez hit a bomb over the Monster Seats to give the O's a 2-1 lead. The Sox then came back in the bottom of the 9th to win the game on a Mark Bellhorn double with two on. Amazing!

Boston didn't gain any ground on the Yankees, who also won. They did knock the magic number for the wild card down to 8. The Angels are losing to Seattle 3-2 in the 2nd as I write this.


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