Monday, September 27, 2004

Well, the Sox recovered from the deja vu loss on Friday night to beat on the Yankees in the final two games of the series. It was sort of the reverse of the previous weekend's series in the Bronx. Both teams lost the Friday game on blowups by two of their top pitchers, then clobbered the other team on Saturday and Sunday. The Sox can clinch the wild card with a win in Tampa Bay and an Angels loss to the Rangers tonight.

Only two real races left - the NL wild card and the AL West. The NL race should go right down the last day, with the Cubs, Houston and the Giants fighting it out for the last few days. The A's have really faded in September, and allowed Anaheim and Texas to catch up. That race could easily go down to the last weekend as well.

Now that the house in Vermont is sold, I find myself wanting an RV. I'm not quite sure why - I've never vacationed in one and I'm not really sure how I'd like it. I like the concept though; taking everything with you, hitting the open road; not having to deal with hotels and such. A. wants nothing to do with it though. She's joked that I can park the RV in the hotel parking lot and she'll sleep inside. I did order a CD from to take a look. Maybe someday...


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