Saturday, July 09, 2005

Well, the doctor wasn't kidding when he said "excessive fatigue". It's been a rough week since I came off the thyroid replacement. I'm only able to do 6-7 hours a day at work (a normal quarter end workday would be closer to 10 hours), and I'm in bed by 9:30 (10:30-11 is standard). Needless to say, I haven't been catching the end of many Red Sox games this week!

Other than that I've been holding up all right. A. has been doing a fantastic job of keeping me fed while I'm on the low-iodine diet. She even made homemade bread and bagels! Who couldn't love a woman like that.

Been an interesting week for the Sox, too. There was almost too much going on to keep up with. Clement and Timlin were kept off the All-Star Team in favor of Bartolo Colon of the Angels, which caused some grumbling in the clubhouse. Then Jay Payton apparently popped off at Francona about playing time once too often and was left behind in Texas. He was designated for assignment and the word is he'll be traded to Oakland for reliever Chad Bradford. The real big news of the week had closer Keith Foulke going on the DL with knee surgery (hopefully the cause of his recent ineffectiveness) and the news that his replacement will be none other than Mr. Bloddy Sock himself, Curt Schilling! Schilling is working on getting himself ready to relieve down in Pawtucket, and he may be ready after the All-Star break. Then came Johnny Damon's reaction to Schilling's new assignment, with the head Idiot saying that "the whole team" thought it should be Timlin or Arroyo taking the job instead. Finally, there were rumors that Kevin Millar had asked for a trade, and Ramon Vazquez was traded to Cleveland for Alex Cora in an exchange of weak hitting infielders.

Did I miss anything?

Finally, a note of condolences and support to the people of London who are suffering through the terrorist attacks on the city's subway and bus system. The British, as always, are showing great resolve in the face of danger and we can only pray that these attacks will be over someday and the cowards responsible are brought to justice.


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