Sunday, September 25, 2005

Still tied.

Sox and Yankees both won today, and the Indians fell to Kansas City. The White Sox are leading the Twins 4-1 in the last of the 8th, so barring a 9th inning comeback, both the Sox and Yankees will be 1/2 have behind Cleveland for the wild card, and the Tribe will be 2 and 1/2 behind Chicago. There are 7 games left to play for all the contenders except Cleveland, who is off Monday and only has six games.

Races tight enough for you? Someone out of Boston, New York, Cleveland and Chicago is going to stay home in October, and we may not know who until next Sunday.

We had a nice day yesterday, heading up to the Bolton Fair. New England has literally dozens of these country fairs each fall, and this was our first one of the season. The kids had a good time riding some rides and playing games on the midway, we checked out some of the craft booths, the kids climbed on some Army trucks provided by the National Guard and R. got to do her favorite thing - go on a pony ride. It was a beautiful early fall day here, and we really enjoyed being out and doing something fun as a family after the stress of the last couple of weeks.

The Patriots won a heartstopper against the Steelers in Pittsburgh today on another Vinatieri game ending field goal. With all the talk about David Ortiz being the greatest Red Sox clutch hitter of all time, has anyone been as reliable in the clutch as Vinatieri? He's won two Super Bowls and I don't know how many regular season games on last minute field goals. He just gets it done time after time after time under pressure.

So Pats win and Sox win. A Sunday doesn't get much better than that!


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