Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baseball notes from Spring Training:

- I got an email from this morning alerting me to the fact that Manny Ramirez had arrived at the Red Sox spring training camp at precisely 9:01 AM. And who says that media coverage in this town is too intense?

- Barry Bonds dressed up as Paula Abdul in a strapless dress and blonde wig for a Giants team skit that spoofed American Idol. I'd post a picture, but Bonds in a dress just isn't something I think should be shared. 

- Interesting war of words between Frank Thomas and White Sox GM Kenny Williams. The Big Hurt complained about how his departure from Chicago was handled and Williams went nuts on film, calling Thomas an "idiot" and "selfish", among other things.

It's too bad that things like this have to happen between teams and their biggest stars when they part ways. Both sides took shots when Nomah left the Red Sox. The parting between the Cubs and Sammy Sosa was pretty ugly. Now Thomas, the greatest hitter in White Sox history, has to go out like this.

- I saw my first Johnny Damon Yankees shirt at Downtown Disney, which both amused and depressed me for some reason.

I also got lots of comments from fellow Red Sox fans when I wore my Sox hat to the Magic Kingdom on Friday. Still lots of Sox gear in evidence down there. The big change was a lot more people wearing Steelers gear this year than in the past. Not as much White Sox stuff as I would have thought I would see, though.


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