Sunday, May 14, 2006

It was an oddly Red Sox-free May weekend, as rain washed out today's game as well as Saturday's. Friday's game was a rain shortened 6-0 loss against the Texas Rangers. It really poured from about the third inning on - both teams are really lucky that no one was injured in the slippery conditions.

In lieu of my daily dose of Orsillo and the RemDawg, I saw two movies this weekend. Last night A. and I joined our friends Taz and Elliriel to see the Robin Williams comedy RV. It turned out to be really funny - a lot better than I was expecting. We grabbed some dinner after the movie. It was a really nice evening. We hadn't been out with them without kids since before the kids were born. We decided that we'll have to try to do this more often.

Today, of course, was Mothers Day. We had intended to go out for breakfast, but A. decided she would rather sleep late instead. We did Mothers Day gifts in the morning, including some really cute stuff the kids made at school. After Sunday school, we all went to see Ice Age 2, which was also really funny. After that we drove out to Millbury to have dinner at my new favorite burger joint Red Robin. It was a nice family day and we all really enjoyed it.


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