Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm not sure which I'm more pleased about; the fact that Big Papi hit a bases loaded, bases clearing double giving the Red Sox a 6-3 lead after 6, or the fact that Alex Gonzalez hit an RBI double driving in Mike Lowell (on 2nd with his 3rd double of the night and 16th of the year) to tie the game.

Gonzalez has spent most of the season under the Mendoza line (currently .192). If he can even start to hit a little bit, it will be a big boost for the bottom part of the Sox order.

It's been a weird week. We had Mirabelli's mad dash from Logan to Fenway (12 minutes!), changing clothes in the back of a State Police SUV and going out to catch Wakefield with Dustan Mohr's spikes and no cup until the 2nd inning (talk about living dangerously). Johnny Damon got booed and the Sox swept a 1-game series from the Empire, as game 2 got rained out. Wednesday brought the Blue Jays and the first run scored off Papelbon this year. Clement pitched well as the Sox won last night.

Interestingly enough, I was invited to three games this week and won't see any. As noted previously, I was in the State St. Pavilion for Tuesday's rain out. I was invited to sit in another company's luxury suite on Thursday, but turned that down because I was already going Tuesday night. Today, my friend The Hey invited me to go to Saturday nights game, but J. has a game that evening. I'm sure there will be other opportunities, though.


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