Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm going to try this and see how it goes. There are a ton of games on tonight, so I'm going to comment on them in real time as I watch. Obviously I'm going to focus on Sox-Blue Jays, but I'll flip to other games and comment as things warrant.

If you like it or if you think it sucks, let me know in the comments.

8:44 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: Sox are up 4-2 in the top of the 6th on home runs by Big Papi, Manny (finally!) and Varitek. Vernon Wells hit a two run bomb off Josh Beckett for the Jays runs. A.J. Burnett left with an injury. I think I saw Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi sob quietly.

8:50 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: Troy Glaus just flew out to Trot on the warning track. I've always liked Glaus a lot. He hits with power, plays a good third base and is just fun to watch.

8:52 PM Orioles-Yankees: Old friend Kevin Millar just hit a two run single for the O's to put them up 5-4 in the 6th. Joe Torre came out to get Chien-Ming Wang out of the game. Thanks, Kevin!

8:57 PM Reds-Brewers: Another member of the Idiots is prominently featured in this game as Bronson Arroyo is going for his third win with the Reds. He looked pretty good, dispatching the Brew Crew quickly with a 1-2-3 4th inning. No home runs tonight for Arroyo, but he still leads Manny 2-1. Prince Fielder looks just like his dad, down to the sky-high, rain making pop-ups like the one he hit in the 4th.

9:04 PM Orioles-Yankees: Scott Proctor just walked in a run. 6-4 O's. Torre's on the phone, and I don't think he's calling Dominos.

9:07 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: Home run, Manny! His second of the night. He's tied with Arroyo now! 6-2 Sox.

9:12 PM Indians-Royals: Cleveland is leading the Royals 2-0 as KC tries to avoid it's 11th straight loss. I feel bad for Buddy Bell, the Royals manager. They just showed a shot of him in the dugout looking like he'd rather be anywhere else.

9:25 PM Orioles-Yankees: Johnny Damon just grounded to 2nd with the bases loaded to end the inning. Still 6-4 Baltimore.

9:28 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: Russ Adams hit a 2-run homer and Vernon Wells hit a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th to chase Josh Beckett. 6-5 Sox. Timlin coming into the game with one out.

9:33 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: Home run, Glaus. Tie game. Maybe I don't like him so much.

9:50 PM Reds-Brewers: Arroyo just got the Brewers out in the 7th and leads Ben Sheets and the Brewers 2-1.

9:55 PM Twins-White Sox Johan Santana and Mark Buehrle are matching up in a nice pitchers duel, 0-0 in the 6th. Oops. Make that 1-0 White Sox as Jim Thome just hit his 8th homer into the left-center field bleachers.

10:01 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: We go to extra innings tied at 6. It's interesting that both John Gibbons and Terry Francona elected to use their closers in a tie game, with B.J. Ryan and Jonathan Papelbon pitching the 9th.

10:12 PM Reds-Brewers: Kent Mercker was warming up in the bullpen for Cincinnati. It seemed like that guy had been around forever, so I checked him out on He came up in 1989 when he was 21 years old and has bounced around with nine teams since. He just proves the fact that a reasonably competent lefty can hang around forever in Major League Baseball.

10:19 PM Red Sox-Blue Jays: There's an ad for a restaurant in Toronto called The Keg behind home plate at the Rogers Centre. Sounds like my kind of place. Still tied in the 11th.

10:23 Reds-Brewers: David Weathers saves Arroyo's win, as the Reds take the game 3-1. Good crowd at Miller Park, with nearly 30,000 at the game.

10:30 Orioles-Yankees: The Orioles young closer, Chris Ray, just struck out A-Rod with two on and one out in the 9th and the Yankees down 6-5. Are you really worth $25 million a year if you can't hit in the clutch?

10:35 Orioles-Yankees: Ray just struck out Matsui after walking Giambi to load the bases. The Yankees lose!

10:36 Red Sox-Blue Jays: Keith Foulke retires Toronto in the bottom of the 11th. Still tied 6-6.

10:54 Mets-Padres: Why is it that every time I see Dave Roberts a smile on my face. Oh, yeah. Stolen base. Game 4, 2004 ALCS. Greatest Comeback Ever.

11:03 Red Sox-Blue Jays: Tito just removed Foulke after he walked Glaus with two out in the bottom of the 12th. Nice outing for Foulke - the pitch that walked Glaus could have easily been strike three. Ultimate Fighter Rudy Seanez is in to replace him.

11:06 Red Sox-Blue Jays: Lyle Overbay hits a double off Seanez to the gap in right field and drives in Glaus for the win. This was a tough one. The Sox blew a four run lead and eventually lost the game. It'll also be interesting to see what the Sox will do for a closer tomorrow if they need one, since Papelbon pitched two innings and Foulke pitched 1 and 2/3. The Blue Jays may be in the same boat with Ryan having pitched two innings as well.

That's it for me for tonight. Let me know what you thought.


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