Friday, April 07, 2006

Daniel Cabrera is having a lot of trouble finding the plate at Camden Yards tonight (5 walks so far in the first inning - Sox lead 4-0).

The new closer controversy continues to rage since Papelbon came in to protect a one run lead against Texas Wednesday night. Papelbon or Foulke? I think you have to go with the guy who is pitching better in tight situations, and that is Papelbon. I would still like to see them run Foulke out there in save situations, but probably not when the game is within one run.

I just switched to Dodgers-Phillies for a few minutes. Ballgames in regular definition really look terrible after watching the game on NESN in HD.

The Mets unveiled plans for their new ballpark today, which will be built in the parking lot of Shea Stadium to open in 2009. Mets owner Fred Wilpon is an old Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so the ballpark design is very reminiscent of Ebbets Field. Here's a picture.

I have always said that if I could go back in time and visit one ballpark, it would be Ebbets Field. Since that is unlikely to happen, I'll be interested to check out the Mets new park when it opens.


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