Saturday, June 03, 2006

Here was a question from Gordon Edes' mailbag on

Also I would like to see the Sox trade Clement for the likes of a Jake Peavey from San Diego. Any comments?

Now, Gordon was a professional and simply answered that the Padres wouldn't trade Peavey for Clement, or for Clemens either. I'm guessing this is something like what he was thinking, though:

Clement for Peavy? Great idea! How about we trade Hee-Seop Choi for Albert Pujols? Maybe the Angels will take Willie Harris for Vladimir Guerrero. And since we could use another starter, how about Rudy Seanez for Brandon Webb? Why isn't Theo working on this stuff?

I have never understood how some people think other teams are going to trade their gold for our garbage. Think when you propose a trade, people! It has to look like the other team is getting some benefit as well.


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