Thursday, July 20, 2006

A. and I went to see Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band at the Bank of America Pavillion last night. It was a great show. The All Starr Band this time around included Rod Argent of the Zombies, Richard Marx, Billy Squier, Sheila E., Edgar Winter and Hamish Stewart. Ringo sang a some Beatles songs and some stuff from his solo career. Each of the others did a couple of their own songs or a cover of something else of their choosing.

I thought Ringo was in fine form. He really sounded good on his songs, especially Beatles classics like Yellow Submarine and A Little Help from my Friends. All the others are very professional musicians. Edgar Winter and Rod Argent really brought the house down with their sets and Sheila E. did a pretty astounding drum solo.

The crowd was really into the music, including the pair that was sitting next to us. That's right, we had the two women who will forever be known to us as The Drunk, Stoned Lesbians. They sat down next to us and would wander in and out of their seats, and every time they returned they had another beer. One of them started chatting with me, made it very clear that she had started drinking long before she arrived at the concert.

It was all pretty amusing and then one of them lit up a joint! Now, maybe I have just been living my sheltered, suburban life for too long, but I was a little surprised. I'm just not used to women in their 40's (keep in mind that I was at the young end of the demographic for this concert) lighting up. Maybe I just need to get out more.

So, between Ringo and the Drunk, Stoned Lesbians, it was quite a memorable night!


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