Friday, July 28, 2006

The MLB Extra Innings package paid for itself earlier this week, as I got to watch an outstanding pitching duel between the Twins Johan Santana and the White Sox Jose Contreras. It was an amazing game; a 1-1 pitcher's duel until the 7th, when Contreras gave up a 3 run homer to Jason Bartlet and Joe Crede hit a two run bomb off Santana. The difference in the two homers turned out to be the margin of victory as the Twins ended up winning the game.

We are well into the silly season as WEEI listeners try to come up with their own trades as we approach the trading deadline on Monday. Trot Nixon seemed to be a popular trading target. There were lots of people who essentially wanted to trade Trot and a bag of dirty socks for guys like Scott Kazmir and Barry Zito. It's amazing how local fans overvalue our guys and underestimate the intelligence of the front office staffs of the other teams.


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