Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have spoken here before about the Ultimate Road Trip I hope to take someday, visiting all 30 major league baseball teams in one summer. I was playing around with the upgraded Yahoo Maps and used the new multi-point trip functionality to see how long my dream trip would take me.

There were a few limitations. I didn't input the actual addresses for the individual ballparks. I just put in the city names, which meant Chicago went in once, although I was able to differentiate between the Bronx and Flushing for the Yankees and Mets. Also, I didn't use a schedule, so I just made a big circle around the country. After hitting all 30 ballparks, I ended the trip with a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

After plugging in all the destinations, I discovered that this trip would take me 11,928 miles to complete, which would amount to 178 hours, 9 minutes of driving. I'd better rest up.


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