Monday, December 04, 2006

A few items from around the galaxy...

- We went to the MIT/Wellsley College Korean Students Association event at MIT last night. The kids were invited to play with their Korean drumming group. They did a fabulous job and we stayed to watch the rest of the event. It included a skit based on a Korean folk take (but updated for a 21st century college audience), various forms of dancing (break-, fan- and modern) and a Tae Kwon Do exhibition by the MIT team. The kids picked up some of the broken wooden boards from the exhibition and got the members of the team to autograph them. It was all pretty cute.

- I hadn't been to MIT in a very long time. I had a friend who went there back when I was in college and I would take the walk up Mass Ave. and across the Harvard Bridge to visit him. In fact, the best time I ever had watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture was at MIT. The large crowd of engineers took virtually every line the wrong way (Kirk saying "I need you." to Bones in the Transporter Room got a particularly big laugh) and there was a lot of MST3K type talking to the screen which was really funny.

- I think Red Sox Nation is 90% against signing J.D. Drew and 90% against trading Manny. The Winter Meetings start at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin today. I'm picturing Theo and Scott Boras sharing a Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream.


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