Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, that was quite an ending.

Of course, I'm talking about the Tigers sweep of the A's in the ALCS. Magglio Ordonez hit a three-run, walkoff homer to win the pennant for Detroit.

I'm really happy for a couple of reasons. First, any team that beats the Yankees has my support. Second, it has been a long time between winners for Detroit fans; their last trip to the playoffs was in 1987 and, of course, the Tigers lost 119 games just three years ago.

So I'm rooting for Detroit to take the whole thing. I really can't see either of the National League teams beating the Tigers. The Mets might have had a chance if Pedro and Hernandez were healthy. I just don't think the Cardinals are good enough in any case.

However, I could be wrong. I missed on three out of four of my Division Series picks and had the Twins facing the Mets in the World Series. The Mets could still make it, but the Twins have been home for quite a while now.

We had a very cool experience today. The kids started taking Korean drum lessons, using traditional instruments like the one pictured above. They were part of a class of around a dozen kids, all but one of whom was adopted. The kids did a great job and really sounded like they had been working on this for longer than an hour. They have four more lessons scheduled. It's a great experience for them and I'm proud to see how well they're taking to it.


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