Monday, February 26, 2007

Only in Boston would you get an email alert from the local paper to let you know that the team's star outfielder has actually arrived at Spring Training about a week after everyone else.

Yes, that's right, Manny showed up in Fort Meyers today, a few days ahead of his original March 1 reporting date. I'm glad he's there, and it sounds like he's in shape and ready to go. It would just be nice if he could do it without the circus happening beforehand.

A few more Spring Training thoughts:

- From a pure business perspective, Theo did the right thing in not giving Curt Schilling a contract extension. Schill will be 41 in 2008, has had ankle problems and is a bit of a risk. On the other hand, with guys like Gil Meche and Ted Lilly pulling down big contracts, $13 million for Schilling doesn't seem like an outrageous amount of money.

- A-Rod and Jeter went public with the fact that they don't like each other much. You have to wonder how this is going to affect the Yankees clubhouse and whether the Curse of A-Rod will continue this year.

- I also wonder if the fact that the Yankees decided not to sign Mariano Rivera to an extension before the season will have any impact on his performance. Not signing Schilling, who has only been with the Sox for three years, is one thing, but Rivera has been in the Bronx forever. Personally, I think the guy is too much of a pro to let it affect him.

-Diasuke Matsuzaka threw a 103 pitch bullpen session the other day. This guy is an animal. I can't wait to see him pitch in a real game.

- If how much money a team spends has anything to do with it, the Cubbies should make a run for the division title this year. Keep in mind that, in spite of the fact the Cardinals won the World Series, they only won 83 regular season games last year.


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