Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why do I like Disney World so much? Because despite all the cynicism that some people have about the commercialism and artificialness of Disney, stuff like this happens there every day. From the weekly newsletter:

My son (Kevin) has cerebral palsy, which is the main reason we go to WDW every year. This year our waiter at the '50s Prime Time Diner, Cousin Richard, remembered us from last year! How cool is that? He quietly asked me what kind of characters Kevin likes. I said soft and fuzzy, or beautiful girls (he is 16!). Richard winked and we went on enjoying ourselves immensely. About 20 minutes into our meal, suddenly the door opens and in walk these four beautiful harem girls! After posing for photos, one of the women asked if she could kiss Kevin. I said, "YES! He would love it!" I have a photo of his face covered in kisses. I don't know when I started crying, probably seeing him getting kissed. They each gave me a big hug. We were truly given a very magical, unexpected moment that I will never forget. Cousin Richard and the Harem Girls are my heroes. Richard should be commended for arranging this moment.


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