Friday, May 18, 2007

Eric Hinske has good reason to smile after his performance last night against the Tigers. He not only hit a 2 run homer to provide the margin of victory in the nightcap of the Sox doubleheader sweep yesterday, but he made a diving, face-smashing-in-the-dirt catch in right field last night that is one of the best catches we'll see all year.

I was supposed to be at Fenway tonight watching the Sox first interleague contest against the Braves, but it's been raining all day and night here and the game was postponed to 7:30 tomorrow. It's supposed to clear up later in the day, so we'll see if they get the first game in at 1:00. I got the ticket through work and it includes dinner and a appearance by a surprise guest. It sounds like it should be fun if it ever stops raining.

The upside to the bad weather is that I watched the Mets beat the Yankees tonight 3-2. The Yanks are now 10 games behind the Sox. I know it's still only May, but that's a lot of ground for them to make up.


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