Monday, May 07, 2007

Here is just how mind-boggling Roger Clemens salary with the Yankees is:

If Clemens was pitching for a full season, it would cost the Yankees $39.2 million to have him on their team. That's the $28 million salary plus an additional $11.2 million for the 40% luxury tax. That amount is higher than the total payrolls for four teams (Pirates, Nationals, Marlins and Devil Rays).

In another Clemens related note,'s Eric Wilbur suggested that since it is obvious that Roger has no allegiance to the Red Sox, it's time to take his #21 out of mothballs. No one has worn his number since he left the team in 1996. Wilbur's suggestion is to award the number to John Lester when he comes back. I can't think of a more fitting guy to wear it. If you agree, write to the Red Sox here. I just did.


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