Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last night I was in Westfield, MA for a press conference to announce the Vintage Base Ball World Series, being presented by The Vintage Base Ball Federation. As you can see in the poster, the Series will be taking place from August 16-19, with Northeast Regional Playoffs the last two weeks in July.

The press conference itself went really well. We had several newspapers and four TV stations attend the press conference, along with the mayor, several city councilmen and a number of the local folks who are helping us put on the event. Attendees from the VBBF included, of course, our commissioner Jim Bouton, noted baseball historian John Thorn, sports economist and author Andrew Zimablist and co-star of Foul Ball and all around good guy Chip Elitzer.

The people in Westfield seem very accommodating and genuinely excited about having our event in their town, and I think they'll be great to work with.

After the press conference, Jim, Chip, John and I had dinner at the School Street Bistro in Westfield. We had a very good meal and some great conversation.

More information on the VBB World Series as it becomes available, but it's looking to be a great event.


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