Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shows what I know. I thought the Sox chances to win this game were slim. It's a good thing I'm not a betting man.

The Sox scored a huge comeback win against the Blue Jays this afternoon. Julian Tavarez pitched respectably after a 12 day layoff, giving up 3 runs in 5 and 1/3 innings. The Sox didn't get much against Roy Halladay, who gave up one run in 7 and 1/3. Once he was out of the game, though, the Sox came roaring back on an 8th inning 2-run homer by Manny to tie the score and a 9th inning triple by Alex Cora to take the lead. Papelbon came in to get the save.

Taking 2 out of 3 in Toronto is huge. The Rogers Centre has been a house of horrors for the Sox the last couple of years, and they won only 7 of 19 games against Toronto last season. The Jays are a key competitor, both in the AL East and for the wild card, and we really need to kick them while they are down with some key injuries (BJ Ryan, Troy Glaus, Reed Johnson).

One of my pet peeves as a baseball fan is when a player slides into first base. The only time sliding into first is preferable is if the throw is off the mark and you are trying to avoid the tag. Otherwise, it's almost always faster to run through the base.

Between innings of the Red Sox game last night, I switched over to the White Sox-Rangers game. The Rangers Jerry Hairston hit a hard shot down the third base line. Joe Crede made a diving stop, got up and fired the ball to first. Paul Konerko made a nice pick and got the out.

Hairston slid into first and didn't get the call. He argued, but, as the replay proved, he was out. In my opinion, if he had continued to run, he would have been safe.

It was a good thing for White Sox starter Mark Buerhle that he slid. It turned out that Buerhle pitched a no-hitter last night. Hairston runs through the bag, and the no-hitter is broken up by an infield hit in the third inning.


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