Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sox are winning 4-1 in the last of the 9th over Toronto and Papelbon is in. This is a good thing, because I'm not real confident about tomorrow's Julian Tavarez-Roy Halladay matchup. Wake looked great again tonight.

OK, I wanted to make sure I had this where I could find it. In case you haven't watched any sports highlights the last couple of days, some guy got a slice of pizza tossed at him at Fenway Park on Monday after he spilled his beer trying to catch a J.D. Drew foul popup. It wasn't a close game (Sox beat the Angels 7-2), so the RemDawg and Orsillo had a great time with it.

Sox win, 4-1. Save for Papelbon, win for Wake. Home runs by Lowell, Mirabelli(!) and Papi.


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