Thursday, June 07, 2007

I had a totally different blog entry planned for tonight before the events of this afternoon at the McAfee Coliseum. In case you missed it, Curt Schilling no-hit the Oakland A's for 8 and 2/3 innings until Shannon Stewart hit a clean single to break up the no-hit bid. Schilling went on to get the final out for the complete game, 1-0 shutout. The only run the in the game came on a Big Papi home run.

I think a no-hitter is one of the most exciting events in all sports. You never know when one is going to happen or who is going to pitch one. For example, guys who are hardly immortals like Jim Colborn and Mike Warren have no-hitters, while Roger Clemens doesn't. It's such a combination of skill, luck and timing that it's a huge surprise when one happens.

I'm sure that Curt will be giving all the details on his blog soon enough, but I did want to share one thing. I was listening to the game on the radio on the way home, and Curt told Red Sox announcer Glen Geffner that he shook off Varitek on the pitch that Stewart hit for a single. Schill said that he would spend the rest of his life wondering what would have happened if he had thrown the pitch that 'Tek had asked for.

So, the 4-game losing streak is over and the Sox are off to Arizona for some interleague play. Let's hope the bats can wake up in the desert.


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