Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm sure all of you who visit here regularly are shocked that I haven't been blogging about this weekend's Red Sox-Yankees series at Fenway. That's because I didn't see a second of the first two games. We were in the Berkshires at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center for the Jewish Multiracial Network's annual retreat.

What's this all about, you ask? The JMN is a support group of Jews who are not the typical white, eastern European types. As many of you know, my kids are adopted from Korea. A while back, A. was searching for organizations that might gather Jewish parents with non-white children. We know plenty of adoptive families, but very few other Jewish families. So, A. discovered this organization and we attended a meeting of a local group a couple of months ago in Providence.

We had a great time. The kids hit it off really well with the other kids and we really enjoyed meeting the parents. They told us we should go out to the annual retreat, and we decided to give it a shot.

If anything, the retreat exceeded our expectations. There were 180 people there: not just adoptive families like ours, but also multi-racial couples and other people of color who have converted to Judaism.

There was programming for the kids throughout the weekend and they had a great time and really made some connections with a lot of the other kids. Along with reconnecting with the people we met in Providence, we met many wonderful people from around the northeast.

The setting was beautiful, too. Set among the Berkshire hills, the Freedman Center is on 450 acres of land, including two lakes. The four of us slept in a comfortable room in a cabin on the grounds. The setting was very relaxing. Although we were only gone for about 48 hours, I really feel like I got away. No TV, no Internet, although they did have wireless access and computers set up; I did have to keep up with the Sox after all! I spent less than 10 minutes online, however. I came back feeling very refreshed.

So back to reality tomorrow, but it was a great weekend. Back to your regularly scheduled baseball talk this week.


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