Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please allow me to interrupt the Pennsylvania trip report in order to rant a bit about the Yankees sweep of the Red Sox.

I don't put this on the pitching. The Yankees scored 14 runs in this series. The simple fact is that that Yankees offense is going to score some runs. They just have too many big bats in that lineup (A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Matsui, Damon, Abreu) not to score runs. The Sox pitching wasn't stellar in this series, but it was good enough to keep them in the games. Schilling in particular was good among the starters, giving up only two solo homers in seven innings this afternoon.

The big issue in these last three games, I think, is that you have to score some runs to win. The Sox scored only six runs, including today's shutout. Coco Crisp (0 for 12) and JD Drew (1 for 11) were real black holes in the lineup. Drew had a chance to come up with a big hit with two on and two out in the 8th on Tuesday night, and submitted perhaps as weak an at-bat I have ever seen by a major leaguer against phenom Joba Chamberlain. For $14 million a year, you should at least swing like you mean it.

I know losing Manny with an oblique strain didn't help, but it would be nice if one of our other outfielders would step up once in a while.

Hopefully, the Sox can get healthy against the Orioles this weekend, and maybe the D-Rays can steal one in the Bronx this weekend.

Different topic, but I couldn't believe this statistic when I heard it. The Brewers haven't won in Chris Capuano's last seventeen appearances (16 starts), and it's about to be 18 unless Milwaukee can rally from a 2 run deficit in the 9th against the Cubs. This is a guy who won 18 games with a pretty bad team two years ago. How can that be?


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