Thursday, August 02, 2007

We may be able to retire the Red Sox Quote of the Year Award with this gem from yesterday's emergency starter Julian Tavarez, who replaced the traded Kason Gabbard (quote from the Boston Globe).

"I told [manager Terry] Francona, 'Just tell me 30 minutes ahead of time, that's all I need,' " Tavarez said. "A little Bengay, some coffee, some Red Bull, I'm ready to go."

How can you not love him?

Sox took last nights game and today's from the O's. They White Sox beat the Yankees in a slugfest for the ages today, as both teams scored eight runs in the second inning. It's only the second time in baseball history that both teams have scored at least 8 runs in an inning. The Sox lead is back up to 8 games.


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