Sunday, September 16, 2007

The clicker is getting a major workout tonight, as the Sox are playing the rubber game of the Yankees series (tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 5th, as I write this) and the Patriots are playing the Chargers in the Foxboro opener (24-0 Pats with about five minutes left in the second quarter, presmably without any video assistance).

Think about this: there are over 100,000 people at Fenway and Gillette this evening.

Josh Beckett showed just what a stopper is yesterday, as he pitched seven innings in the Sox 10-1 win over the Yankees yesterday. After the 8th inning, six run debacle on Friday night, it was pretty critical that the Sox won yesterday. Beckett came up huge in beating the Yankees.

J. and I took a long bike ride along the Assabet River Rail Trail. We rode the length of the open part of the trail from Marlborough to Hudson for the first time, a bit over 10 miles round trip. It was a pretty much perfect day for a bike ride, with temperatures in the 60s, clear blue skies and not much wind. As a bonus, we discovered that the trail ends across the street from an ice cream stand! We took this as a sign from the Tiki and enjoyed a snack before turning around and heading back.


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