Friday, September 21, 2007

Watching Sox-Tampa Bay game 1. Ellsbury (playing left tonight) just made a spectacular catch in the Sox bullpen, climbing the bullpen mounds, scattering chairs, gloves and water bottles. I'm looking forward to watching this guy in a Sox uniform for a long, long time.

Boston Sports is reporting that Glenn Geffner may be on the way out as a Red Sox radio play-by-play guy. I haven't commented much on the post-Trupiano era in the Red Sox radio booth, but Joe Castiglione's new partners have ranged from great (Dave O'Brien) to lousy (Geffner). Geffner was a former member of the Sox front office and has split the second chair duties with O'Brien during the season.

I'll be glad to see Geffner go, honestly. He's top-heavy with cliches and doesn't have a great voice. Castig doesn't have tremendous pipes, either, but he makes up for it with his encyclopedic baseball knowledge and the fact that, well, after 20+ years we're used to him. O'Brien is a pleasure to listen to. Joe and Dave have the potential to get in there with my two favorite Sox radio teams, Ned Martin and Jim Woods; and Ken Coleman and a young John Miller.


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