Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ten great things about being a Red Sox fan right now:

1. Up 2-0 in ALDS.

2. Manny!

3. Beckett pitching game 4, if necessary. I'm hoping it's not necessary because it starts at 9:30 Eastern Time. I have been dragging all day today (Saturday) after last night's 12:44 AM ending to the game. I don't want to think about what Tuesday will be like after Monday's game.

4. Yankees down 2-0 in ALDS.

5. A-Rod 0 for the series so far.

6. Zillions of bugs descended upon Jacobs Field last night, distracting Joba Chamberlain and contributing to the tying run in last night's Cleveland win. This proves that even the insect kingdom is against the Yankees.

7. Not a Cubs fan. The Cubbies were just swept by the Diamondbacks, losing 5-1 tonight. Maybe the 100th time will be the charm, Cubs fans.

8. Young Sox fan Danny Vinik becomes an instant Boston folk hero by snatching a Manny Ramirez foul pop out of the glove of Angels catcher Jeff Mathis, allowing Manny to work a walk, followed by a Lowell sac fly to tie the game. If Mathis makes the catch, Lowell's fly ball is just the third out. Vinik is sort of the anti-Bartman.

9. One of the greatest pitchers in post-season history, Curt Schilling, starts for the Sox tomorrow afternoon.

10. No need to pay even the slightest amount of attention to the Bruins. Does anyone know or care that they started their season last night? Didn't think so.


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