Thursday, January 03, 2008

Here's a pet peeve of mine. I take the Worcester/Framingham line of the MBTA commuter rail to work. The rush hour trains, particularly the express trains that don't stop between Back Bay and West Natick, are often very crowded.

The thing that annoys me is when someone sits in the outside seat of a 2 or 3 seat bench, with the obvious intent of getting a seat all to themselves on a crowded train. Many people, for whatever reason, won't ask the person to share the seat. If the train is crowded, I'll make it a point to sit in that seat.

I did this with a guy this morning on the extremely crowded early express train. He didn't look happy at all that he had to give up his private seat.

That's my story. Cap'n Ho: crusader for justice in commuter rail seating!


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