Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OK, getting past that whole football thing...

Saturday is Truck Day. For those of you who don't know, Truck Day is the day the truck leaves Fenway Park to take all the Red Sox equipment down to Ft.Meyers for spring training and is the first tangible sign of the 2008 season. The Sox have made a couple of interesting moves in the last few days, so let's take a quick look.

First the team signed Sean Casey to a contract. I think it's a very good signing, as it gives the Sox a good backup at first who can spell Youkilis. Youk seems to wear down during the second half of the season, so Casey could be invaluable in giving him some needed days off during the season. It also gives Francona a serious left-handed bat off the bench. Plus, he is widely regarded to be one of the great guys in the game and should be a good addition to the Red Sox clubhouse. Curt Schilling, for one, seems enthusiastically in favor of the signing.

Yesterday, the Sox re-signed Bobby Kielty. To me, this is a signal that Theo is going to try to move Coco Crisp. Having a fourth outfielder type like Kielty makes it look as though Coco is going to be an extra piece. I'll miss Coco's astounding defense in center field, but it's obvious that Jacoby Ellsbury is the future and I think the front office is going to remove all doubt on that before Opening Day.


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