Sunday, March 09, 2008

Many people think the only thing that can keep the Red Sox from challenging for another World Series championship is injuries. So, Red Sox Nation's collective heart skipped a beat when we all got the news that Josh Beckett had injured his back warming up for a Spring Training start against the Marlins yesterday.

The news out of Florida today is that Beckett is better than expected, but the Sox are considering holding him out of his season opening start against the A's in Japan.

If there's any question about Beckett's health, he should stay back in Fort Meyers and skip the trip. It's a long season. We need Beckett to make 30+ starts. I can't imagine a 15 hour plane ride is any good for a sore back, even in the chartered jet the Sox are sure to take. If missing Japan and letting Daisuke or Wake make the Opening Day start helps to assure those 30 starts, it's what the Sox should do.

I knew the preseason has been way too quiet. Hopefully, Beckett gets better quick and this is just a bump in the road by the time the Sox make it back to Fenway in April.


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