Sunday, April 20, 2008

I was watching the incredible ending of last night's Bruins game and it made me think about why I'm follow the sports I do.

Obviously, I'm a baseball fan. While the Red Sox are certainly my focus, I follow the game in general. That's not so for the other major sports. I follow the NBA and the NFL to some extent, but I don't give the same attention to the teams other than the Patriots and the Celtics that I do to the teams other than the Sox in baseball.

I stopped following hockey about 15 years ago. There were really two reasons. First, I found it difficult to find the time to follow four sports. Just following baseball the way I do is a big time commitment. It would be impossible to do for four sports (or even two) and have anything resembling a life.

The second reason I stopped following hockey is a little simpler. I find hockey unwatchable on TV. Hockey, for me, is a sport that needs to be followed up and down the ice, and TV just doesn't excel at that (although it's a bit better in HD). I like watching the game in person, but it doesn't work for me on the tube.

That said, I have definitely become a bandwagon jumper for this Bruins team. The third period of last night's game six was as exciting a sporting event as I have seen, with Boston and Montreal trading goals down the stretch like Rocky and Apollo Creed trading punches. The pressure is completely on Montreal tomorrow night. The Canadians beat the B's all eight times they met in the regular season. They held a 3-1 series lead. If they don't win tomorrow night, it will be the greatest upset, well, since the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I doubt this will turn me into an NHL fan in the long term, but I'll certainly be watching tomorrow night.


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