Thursday, May 15, 2008

- After a promising start in Detroit, the Sox had a rough time of it in Minnesota and Baltimore, going 4-6 on the 10 game road trip. What's up with Hideki Okajima and inherited runners? He's allowed 11 of 14 to score so far this year, compared to only 4 of 28 in all of 2007. He really needs to get back on track with this.

- Did you see the unstoppable awesomeness that is Manny Ramirez yesterday? Manny makes a great catch, high fives a guy in a Red Sox jersey in the stands, and then throws to Pedroia at first to double up Aubrey Huff. If that isn't the definition of "awesome", what is?

- If I gave you 10-1 odds on April 1 that both the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays would be in first place on the morning of May 15, would you have taken the bet?

- The Vintage Base Ball Federation northeast playoffs and World Championship are happening the weekends of July 18-20, July 25-27 and August 14-17 at Bullens Field in Westfield, MA. Go here for more information, and check out the new brochure. I'm heading out to Westfield for a kickoff press conference next Wednesday and I'll have a full report on the proceedings.


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