Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well, if the Red Sox had won this one, I was going to go out and buy some furniture (if you don't know what I'm talking about, a local furniture chain is running a promotion where you get free furniture if the Sox sweep the World Series).

Daisuke was a late scratch against the Angels, as he came down with the flu that has been making it's way through the Sox clubhouse. This comes a night after Beckett couldn't start because of a stiff neck. I was listening to Joe Castig go through the injury report and it almost seemed like it would be easier if he just talked about the guys who weren't injured or ill. Matsuzaka, Varitek and Delcarmen were down with the flu. Aside from Beckett, Youk had a bad back, Lowell is still out with the thumb and Cora is having elbow problems.

Jon Lester stepped up on three days rest and didn't pitch too badly, considering. He gave up 4 runs in 5 innings and kept the Sox in the game (it was tied after 5). The Sox ended up losing 6-4, breaking the six game winning streak, but I thought they put up a good fight.

On the good news side, the Celtics are kicking the Hawks butts at the Gahden. Mike Bibby, who somehow thought it would be a good idea to call Celtics fans "fair weather" has been getting it all night from the crowd. Just before he sat down for the night, a "Rondo's Better" chant broke out.

So the C's are up 2-0 going to Atlanta and we'll see who's healthy enough to pitch for the Sox tomorrow afternoon at Fenway in the series finale against LA.


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