Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Josh Beckett comes up with a stiff neck and David Pauley is summoned from Pawtucket to start tonight. You figure it could be a lost evening, right? Wrong. Pauley didn't fare particularly well (5 runs in 4.1 innings), but the bullpen gave up only one run the rest of the way and the Sox generated enough offense to win the game 7-6.

The bats were led by the kids: Dustin Pedroia (4 for 5, 3 doubles and the game winning RBI) and Jacoby Ellsbury (3 for 5, 2 HR and a bunt single to get on for Pedroia). Coco who?

It's been a pretty amazing run. Six in a row, 12-3 since the sweep in Toronto. Seems all the worries about the Japan trip messing up the start of the season were for naught.


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