Monday, May 19, 2008

Liveblogging the 9th inning of tonight's Sox-Royals game. Jon Lester has yet to give up a hit.
Sox up 7-0.

Esteban German up first. Lester throws three balls then a 3-0 strike. Ball four follows that and German is on first.

Tony Pena up next. Hit's a high bouncing ball to Lowell, who throws across the diamond to Youk for the out. One down, German on second.

David DeJesus batting. First pitch is inside for a ball. 1-1 now. Just off the outside corner for a ball, 2-1. DeJesus swings and misses on a cut fastball, 2-2. Ground ball to Youk, which he scoops up and takes himself. Two out, German moves to third.

Alberto Callaspo up. 0-2 to the batter. One to go. Tried to get him to chase a high fastball, but he waits on it for ball 1. Lester pitches, Callaspo swings and misses. Strike 3! Game over. No-hitter for Lester!!!!!!

OK, a little backstory. We listened to the game on the way home from J's game, and caught a bit on TV when we stopped at a local pizza place for my dinner (the kids refused to leave while Big Papi was batting; I couldn't be more proud). When we got home we watched until the 5th and I put the kids to bed.

After they got to bed, I did a couple of things around the house, checked my email, sent a couple of tweets, and then turned the TV back on. I saw the last out of the top of the 8th and caught Orsillo saying something about a "historic night at Fenway".

I quickly figured out what was going on, watched the Sox go down in the bottom of the 8th and grabbed the laptop to record the 9th for posterity.

Lester becomes the first Red Sox lefty to throw a no-hitter since Mel Parnell in 1956. Congratulations, Jon Lester!


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