Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few Sox thoughts:
  • Maybe the wildest game I have ever seen last night. The Sox went up 10-0 on Texas after the first, then lost the lead and came back on a three run bomb by Youk to win 19-17. It's good that they won the game, because blowing a 10 run lead and losing would have been downright embarrassing.
  • If the Rangers had any pitching at all they would be a very good team.
  • I like the Paul Byrd trade a lot. With Wakefield down, Buchholz inconsistent (and that's being kind) and Bartolo Colon a return to the DL waiting to happen, they need a solid veteran at the back end of the rotation. And he pitched quite well against the Sox and Yankees in the playoffs last year.
  • Jon Lester came up big, going 7.1 innings after last night's bullpen buster. I'm feeling pretty good going into the playoffs with Beckett, Lester and Daisuke as our front three.


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