Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, that was pretty exciting.

John Lackey no-hit the Red Sox for 8.1 innings tonight. Dustin Pedroia finally broke up Lackey's bid with a clean single to left. Youk, the next batter, ended the shutout with a home run over the Monster. Lackey ended up with a 6-2 complete game win.

Was it just me, or did the Fenway crowd seem strangely quiet in the 9th? I would like to think the Red Sox fans haven't become such homers that we can't celebrate a great achievement like this by an opposing player. It's hard to tell over the TV, though so I can't be sure.

Congratulations for a great performance to John Lackey. We'll worry about the Red Sox problems (4-7 since the All-Star break) another night.


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